Advertising Scams

Beware of companies, and others, contacting you about advertising, especially if you’ve just appeared in the Yellow Pages.

  • Telegraph Marketing – Contact you by phone, about some advertising you apparently ordered several months ago. They construct a poor copy of your Yellow Pages advert using graphics from your web site, and send it to you with an invoice. Then plenty more requests for payment, and a letter saying that they’re drawing up papers to take you to court for payment.
  • Local Police – Contact you about the possibility of advertising in a local crime-reduction leaflet, but hang up as soon as you ask for details of the scheme to be sent to you on paper.

These calls have several things in common:

  • Caller number withheld.
  • Try to get to to “agree” on the phone.
  • Are unhappy, or hang up, if you ask for more information to be posted to you before you agree to the deal.
  • No information on the web, or company web site.