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Styling with CSS a designers guide

by Charles Wyke-SmithISBN 0-321-30525-6
Just published, reading a review copy at the moment – looks like a really useful book for designers new to CSS, takes you through all the nuances with a careful step by step and clear explanation. Looks like an essential buy.

TonyCrockford – 19/7/05

CSS Mastery (Advanced Web Standards Solutions)

by Andy BuddISBN 1-59059-614-5
A recent publication, this book sets out to provide a good guide to solving typical CSS issues and questions, and does it extremely well. Rather than provide a single “correct” solution, Budd (with input from his cowriters Cameron Moll and Simon Collison) provides a selection of the latest and best approaches to implementing CSS, especially regarding browser inconsistencies and accessibility, and explains the merits of each approach. Although there are sections dedicated to hacks and fixes, Budd’s approach tends towards the simpler solutions. Chapters include a quick CSS refresher/foundation, before moving onto various smart solutions with regard to the layouts, images, forms, tables, rollovers and so on. The supplied techniques are all clearly explained and intelligently discussed, and typically provide the reader with a number of solutions to suit different purposes. This is without doubt the most helpful CSS book I have read, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Some basic familiarity with CSS is recommended prior to reading this book, but the first chapters do provide a good overview.

AdamDyson – 18/4/06


the graphic language of neville brody 2

by jon wozencroftISBN 0-500-2770-2
packed full of very inspiring designs

chris – 20/7/05

The Non-Designer’s Design Book

by Robin WilliamsISBN 0-321-19385-7
Covers the basics of print layout and typography, some of which is very relevant to web layout and typography. Recommended for those, like me, who know programming but never did much design. You’ll avoid center-aligned text once you’ve read this!

AnthonyCartmell – 21/7/05

Web Design in a Nutshell

by Jennifer NiederstISBN 0-596-00196-7
The second edition has been out a while now, but this book is still a brilliant desk reference for those designing for the web. It covers pretty much everything from browsers and accessibility to CSS, XHTML and WAP, and pretty much everything in between. It’s usually the book I reach for when trying to find out (or remember) how to do something.

AdamDyson – 21/7/05


Webmaster in a Nutshell

by Stephen Spainhour and Robert Eckstein ISBN 0-596-00357-9
Much like the Web Design in a Nutshell book recommended previously, I would describe this as more of desk reference than a book you would read cover to cover. There’s a slight overlap between this and the web design book, as it starts with good reference sections for HTML, CSS, and XML. The rest of the book then goes into some detail on Javascript, CGI, Perl, PHP, HTTP and even some Apache configuration. If you do the design and programming side of web sites then both books are dead handy, but the overlap means that a lot of people will be fine with one or the other.

AdamDyson – 21/7/05



by Steven Gould – ISBN: 0765342286
An oldie but a goodie, recommended to me recently. Thoroughly enjoyable sci-fi about teleportation, no wool products involved.


by Steven Gould – ISBN: 0312864213
Sequel to the above book, recently published. Continues the thread (no pun intended) where the last book left off (kinda).

George Hazlewood – 20/07/2005