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Thanks to a couple of collaborators led by Mr Thomas we have a sample SEO contract for you. Please bear in mind it is a sample, a template for you to add to and edit. Whilst we think it is adequate, we urge you to take proper legal advice if your life or business depends on such a contract!

NB the usual disclaimers apply – we are not responsible for anything that goes wrong if you choose to create a contract based on the sample.

if you are happy to use at your own risk then here it is:

Sample SEO Contract

Ideas to incorporate

Richard Bennett suggests

We always include a 3-month service-contract in any proposal over 1k. This is budgetted at between 5 and 15% of the total project cost, is included in the total contract price, and is not optional. In the contract we stipulate what is covered by the service contract, which is basically bug-fixes, email+phone support, and small tweaks and changes.

This has three main advantages, Firstly, the step for the customer to sign-off on the project is less daunting for them, as they know small changes can still be made, and it’s easier to avoid customers finding little excuses not to sign-off, as we can point-out that they are covered by the service contract. Secondly, It keeps you in contact with the customer… very often new paid work comes out of following-up on some bugfixes. And thirdly it gets customers used to paying for service. At the end of the 3 month period we give them the option to extend the contract. The rate for this is usually between 5 and 15% of the total project cost, anually. On larger projects this can be boosted with a monthly server- maintenance charge.

If they decide not to prolong the contract, at least they realise they have opted to pay per incident, so there is no confusion there.

Anyone else got any customer-management tips?

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