Free Software

I love free stuff! Personal faves are…
Browser: Firefox and Opera
Email Client: Thunderbird Pine Opera (Opera uses database views not folders!)

Create flash tutorials etc using this free tool, very easy to use Wink.
A powerful text editor, that handles php and loads of other bits Crimson Editor.
Another highly-customisable and fast text editor, with syntax highlighting SciTE.

These next few are free for personal, non-commercial use only!!!

Firewall: Sygate Personal Firewall
Anti-virus: AVG from Grisoft is good if set up properly, but I now like Avast a bit more!

Another good, free, anti-virus program is AntiVir.

Gmail from Google is good.

Snapfiles is a great source of free and shareware software.

Open Source

free, as in freedom and free beer…

here’s some Open source CD compilations for Windows. I reckon you could probably run a business using nothing but OSS if you try.

These are downloadable ISO images.

best interface:

most applications:

not tried yet:


Some great sources of free or shareware software:

CNET Downloads: