Google AdWords

Tips for getting Ad Words to work:

You’ve got to appear on the first page to be effective. In the top 4 to appear on AOL as well. Avoid the No.1 position as it will attract casual clicks, which cost. So essentially 2 to 4 is the ideal.

Don’t restrict your daily budget; to start with you need to set it to the recommended amount to begin with to ensure your ad is displayed everytime your keywords are searched on. If you set it to anything less you can’t measure your market properly.

Set your per click cost high enough to get the 2-4 position. This will give you a bigger CTR (click through rate) which will boost your position, then you can drop the click cost slowly and hold your position for less cash since Google rewards relevancy.

Set up half a dozen ad groups, each based around a different keyword cluster.

Have two ads per ad group and Split test them.

Opt out of advertising on the ‘content network’, ‘adsense’ people that see these ads are not ‘proactive’ and less likely to perform the desired action, buy, complete form etc. Once you set up a campaign, do this by clicking the ‘Edit Settings’. You should also disable ‘Automatically optimise ad serving for my ads’ on this page because Google will show the ad that results in the most clicks, this doesn’t necessarily mean these ads have resulted in the most sales.

You should aim for a keyword list of 100’s not 10’s.

Use the overture suggestion tool as a starting point.
US –
UK –

For more keyword ideas try – and –

For typo’s try –

Make sure to set negative keyword qualifiers for your campaign eg -free.

Don’t try and sell in your ad copy, there isn’t space and it won’t work; that’s the job of your landing page. Use keywords in the title, body and url if possible. Google automatically bolds these if they match the search term giving you a free eye-catching boost.

Optimise your landing page; visitors should arrive at the page with the least number of clicks needed to perform the desired action. Some highly successful sites consist of a single page focused wholly on one thing, getting the visitor to click buy. There are no other links at all.

I don’t know what you’re aiming to do, so that may not be appropriate.

Track, track and track some more. Get in to the habit of checking your log files regularly, incidentally they’re also a useful place to pick up keywords. Add a variable to your url to better track individual ads and groups.

Find more info and tips on getting the best from Adwords and Adsense and the other Pay Per Click search engines here –

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even more tips

Kenny at The Payroll Site

We use it, and Overture very successfully, both for The Payroll Site and for other projects I am involved with. Pages and pages could be written on it but a few tips I could give would be:

Before you start, work out what you think a click is worth to you, then stick to it (within reason). You will find companies bidding huge sums on certain keywords, don’t get involved in a bidding war.

You don’t need to be in first place, anywhere down to eighth will be displayed, and down to fifth should be visible when a 1024×768 user lands on the search page (without scrolling).

Run several ads and compare the results. We saw an increase just by adding www in front of the display url. Small changes can see significant changes.

SET A DAILY LIMIT, if your campaign is successful its very easy to log in and find you spent way too much the day before.

Learn to read the stats properly, they will tell you a lot.

Get as many keywords as possible, think laterally, they need to be relevant or google will disallow them, but think what potential clients would be searching for.

Also, try to get the keywords in the title of the ad, if a user (in our case) types in ‘payroll’ their eye will be more likely drawn over to the ad with payroll in the title, rather than for example, accounting. Also, don’t try to get away with capitalization, and tricks, google will find out and stop the ads.

Consider Overture as well, it doesn’t have the bulk that Google has, and minimum CPC is 10p, but it has some nice features. like being able to see other bidders prices, and find out who they are.

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