Java Server Side Programming

Servlets are Java’s contribution to server-side web development.

Before embarking on development in this area you should familiarise yourself with Model-View-Controller pattern which is one of the mainstays of modern servlet development.

Before launching into the world of Struts plan everything out on paper and ask yourself one simple question, “do I really need MVC?”. MVC/Struts like frameworks can be a hinderance as much as a help on small scale projects. If you are looking at less than a 50 page site then it may be worth rolling your own basic system with Plain Old Java Objects (POJO’s) and a factory design pattern.

Another thing to think about is data persistance, I’ll write about that another time :)


Quick start


Frameworks sit on top of servlets and enforce the MVC (or similar) pattern to your application.

With them you should achieve:

  1. Improved application design or at least clarity of design
  2. Reduce development time

Servlet containers

Or containers that the big boys use

Further Links

  • TheServerSide – fairly highly level server side java community