WAUK Backup Co-operative

Welcome to the Wauk Backup Initiative

This was borne due to the fact that most of us are one-man-bands and whilst on holiday, business trips or even more unavoidable absences from the office/pc, client problems, server issues and similar demands on our knowledge and time are still coming in. In order to resolve this, we want to create a mutual backup solution for data as well as services and support.

– interested members, please add your name here so we can check how many are interested. Also please be so kind and add a brief resume which services/skills you have and/or need.

to help any existing needs there is a new page Backup Co-op requirements here where interesting parties can outline their requirements and hopefully find one or more partners to cover their respective support needs

Peter, JPSnet Surbiton, Surrey (South West London) Services provided for clients which need backup: Webhosting (websites, static and CMS (Textpattern), databases, online shops all based on cubecart, e-mail set-up, Server is VPS Linux running Cpanel)also general PC support, e-mail set-up, virus/spyware removal.

Anthony, Fonant. Lancing, West Sussex. Everything from PHP/HTML/CSS/MySQL to sendmail/bind/apache and Linux administration. Use webmin for some things, but prefer working in the bash shell. Know phpBB fairly well, and have experience in keeping spam registrations out. Played with Mambo once, now looking at Drupal. Some experience in web site security issues. Can do PC support, set up e-mail, etc. Know my way around phpMyAdmin. Have run my own web servers, both for private use and for commercial sites, for more than six years. My servers have been hacked a few times, but not in the last few years – getting better! Current server, in Redbus London, has remote power switch and serial console, so I can do everything apart from hardware changes myself.

Kathy Vendetta Services. Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, but also clients in Leeds, Nottingham, Edinburgh and France. Mostly network, and Windows desktop and server support, especially SBS – including Exchange server and ISA server. Remote assistance via VPN, VNC, Terminal services and LogmeIn. Also do business copy writing and editing (see the Money section at direct.gov.uk), and technical writing (including HTML help), can do basic HTML and CSS, plus a bit of classic ASP. No design skills whatsoever. Can do Word and Excel VBA, basic Visio, Acrobat, etc – if it’s an MS product (other than languages), I can probably do it. Also sometimes have need for people to do desktop inventories and PC cleaning (requires elbow grease).

George, Layer1. Ealing and Acton, West London. Clients mostly in London, one in Czech Republic. Although hosting is a secondary part of my business, it’s what normally needs support. I have a couple of servers (UK and Germany) and have been hosting sites myself for about 6 years. Have experience primarily with Redhat and Fedora but also a little with Debian. I use the Plesk control panel primarily but have also used Cpanel and Webmin in the past. I’ve most experience with qmail, apache and mysql although I don’t get my hands dirty as much as I used to. In terms of CMS expereince I know Drupal fairly well with 3 commercial sites under my belt, and have built several sites with CMS Made Simple. Currently working with Cakephp after years of working with my own homebrew framework. Am Mac based but have a history of PC usage and support, although I wouldn’t do direct PC support per se any more.

Darren, just me!. Truro, Cornwall. Covering West Cornwall with customers in London, Bristol and Glasgow. Providing Desktop support to Home users and Business users alike. Windows all versions. Network installations, wireless and wired. Lamp servers. Broadband provider and installations. Hardware repairs onsite. Remote assistance. System Builder. Partnered with Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, and a few more.
Short and sweet like me!

Alain, Parliament Hill Computers. Watford, Herts. Clients mainly in the South East but some much further (isn’t the Internet wonderful !). Unix for 25 years, mainly Linux these days: freelance sysadmin, networking, email systems, LAMP systems (php/perl/mysql). Also: Unix shell, C, Lex/Yacc, … and freelance training.

Skills (first stab at a probably-too-complex list)

  • Server skills
    • Cross-platform
      • Web
        • Apache
        • PHP
        • CMS/Blog
          • Textpattern
          • WordPress
          • Joomla/Mambo
          • Drupal
          • Plone
          • CMS Made Simple
        • Frameworks
          • CakePHP
      • Database
        • MySQL
        • phpMyAdmin
    • Linux-specific
      • E-mail
        • Sendmail
        • Qmail
        • Postfix
        • Dovecot
        • SpamAssassin
        • MailScanner
      • Admin Packages
        • Cpanel
        • Plesk
        • Webmin/Usermin
      • Other
        • bash
        • Perl
        • intrustion detection
        • grub
    • Windows-specific
      • Exchange server
      • IIS
      • ASP
      • ASP .NET
  • Desktop skills
    • Multi-platform
      • OpenOffice.org
    • Windows-specific
      • Web-related
        • IE settings
        • Outlook Express e-mail settings
        • Outlook e-mail settings
      • Office
        • Word
        • Excel
        • Access
        • Powerpoint
    • Macintosh-specific
    • Linux-specific
  • Network skills
    • Software
      • DNS
        • bind
    • Hardware
      • Routers (ADSL home user)